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ASTRID4 Out in the UK today!


It's been a little quiet here recently, while I deal with being ill and having treatments. Days go by with nothing news worthy – quite the opposite. Still, there are happy days and great good news every now and again. Like today. I am over the moon about my album coming out in the UK today. I hope the album is found by understanding ears. Who knows, maybe I'll make it there in the autumn.
Black Bear And a Hoofer is the new single from Astrid4 and it got a premier on Clash on this very day.
How great is that?

This is what Soliti says about the whole deal:

Astrid Swan‘s Astrid4 album receives a UK release via Soliti on the 22nd April 2014. To celebrate this, you can download/share the new single Black Bear & A Hoofer, a track that easily embodies many of the themes found on Astrid4. As Astrid points out “I don’t care for the forest. Never been a nature creature really. I don’t go berry picking in August, I’m fine in the city. But a natural order began to outline itself in the concrete. There are black bears behind my closed eyes, wild deer hoofs in the night.”

Clash premiered Black Bear & A Hoofer today and said of Astrid4 “An expansive, sumptuously produced record, it matches the odd Americana flourish to baroque pop arrangements worthy of ELO.Shamelessly pop and outrageously ambitious”

A few shop links for the UK too:
Buy from UK outlets: AmazoniTunes, SpotifyVirgin MediaPlayEBayBandcampJunoDiscorderRhythm OnlineShellshock etc etc.

Talk soon darlings!

Tavastia pictures


All photos by Jouko Vatanen
Tavastia 12.2.2014

Show Stopper


So here's the sad news:
I have been talking about sudden changes here, and bucket lists...and not entirely out of curiosity, but because I have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Unfortunately, I have cancelled my upcoming live shows. I won't be able to play live for some months as I will be having treatments. It could be a short while or a longer one. All depends on how my treatment goes. I'm not sure how much I want to share in public, as everything is still so new to me. So I'll stick to this short announcement for now.
One day soon, I'll probably share much more. Maybe even more than some would like to know...

I'll be back I'm sure. Back for shows and back in writing, and on air...what ever I can come up with. I know some people will ask what they could do for me as I am sick, I'd say if you don't know me well, the best thing you could do for me and my family is to go and buy Astrid4. I really mean it. It would help. Every sold record will actually help me directly. I'm not on a big and complicated label, so if you buy my music the money will actually make its way to me. Go to Stupido, Soliti, ÄX, or walk to your nearest shop. And if you know me better, come and hang out! I'm still here you know, and it is very likely I'll be bored in the coming months.

I'll be fighting!

PS. Tavastia was fun and great! Thanks for being there.

Tavastia tomorrow – nice words today


There's a classic venue over here in Helsinki, Tavastia. It is one of my favorite venues ever – both to play and to see a show. And that's anywhere in the world. I'm taking my band there tomorrow (Wednesday, February 12th). We'll play the whole of Astrid4
(which by the way is in the charts in Finland now!) and some older material.
I am looking forward to it. Not least because the whole band is pretty much dressed in one designer (or his designs). I'll tell you about it later so as not to give too much away...

Today Nature Calling appeared on Heartcloud. Thanks for the kind introduction.

Oh, there was also a review of last Friday's show in Vaasa in Pohjalainen. Nice.

See you tomorrow!

A Couple of Shows and more


It's been a little silent here on this blog lately because I am getting used to a new situation in life. It's all strange to me. More on that later when I find the words and know what I want to share and what I want to keep silent. Or express someplace else.

Importantly (and almost urgently), I do have a couple of live shows coming up fast:
7.2. VAASA @Ritz
We'll be doing a trio show and Anni will be supporting.
12.2. HELSINKI @Tavastia
Full band for me and Anni will be supporting again but she will be bringing her band too!

Also, JaJaJa featured Nature Calling recently. Thank you!

I am looking forward to these shows even more than usually, so I hope to see many faces there.


Nature Calling -single, live dates and more


Here's the second single from Astrid4! Nature Calling is the fist track on the album. It's all about sensuality, femininity and it's pretty straight forward about what it's about. So no need to spell it out (because I might get a little red-cheeked if I have to).
Please, spread the Soundcloud link as much as you like. And have a listen or two!

Oh yeah, here are some live show dates for Finland in the coming months:

12.2. Tavastia, Helsinki (with Anni)  
 7.3.  Winter Blues – Jääkellari, Suomenlinna  
 8.3.  Lavaklubi, Helsinki – Naisten Linjan hyväntekeväisyyskonsertti
 13.3. Klubi, Tampere

If you are still reading, I can also tell you that Astrid4 will be coming out in the UK on March 3rd, 2014. I'm excited! Wish me luck!


Friday Links


Oh hello!
My infrequent Friday celebration is happening today!
But before the links let me just update you on a few things:
the show date announcement for a Finnish tour is taking place next week for sure. I'm excited.
Actually, I'm hitting the road kind of already on Monday (January 20th, 2014 – next Monday)
by playing a duo show in Kerava. It's free and it's a nice venue at the local library, so welcome!
I love books and libraries and I'm glad to be sharing some songs in a bookish environment.

So more live show info will be coming your way soon.
In other news: life is both new and old everyday. Isn't it strange? It's precious – that much I am beginning to really figure out.
Here are some things I picked up on recently:

–It's not easy for men either; this work/home combination thing...oh and the same blog has a great write-up about women saying their most important job is at home. How controversial in 2014!

–Ok, so if I could find a proper link to Diane Keaton's acceptance speech for Woody Allen's life time achievement award I'd link to that but all I can find is this important detail.

–You can listen to the whole Iisa album until the end of this week here. The record comes out at the end of this month and I absolutely recommend it – even if you don't speak Finnish.

–This week I made a portion of such bad tasting healthy smoothie, that even I could not finish my glass...therefore I am going to try following recipies next time. My secret ingredient is chia seeds, but I have just found out that there's a way of using them and I ain't doing it right. Oh well! Being healthy is sooo time consuming and everytime I think I'm doing something good for me, someone somewhere has a different opinion.

Have fun this weekend!